HUMANITIES : What it is and its Career opportunities

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Humanities is a word derived from a Renaissance Latin word “humanitatis” meaning the study of humanity. It is a subject that takes up a diagnostic and conceptual approach to human history, its arts, culture, languages, religion, literature, laws, commerce, and philosophy. It is a subject that falls under the arts stream. A person who pursues humanities is able to understand various aspects of human development through various perspectives.


A Bachelor of arts and Humanities degree can be obtained for pursuing Humanities although All of the B.A degrees explore humanities through its curriculum. Main subjects while studying humanities are:

  • Literature – It deals with various notable works of literature throughout history mainly in English, Latin and Greek languages
  • Language and linguistics – It studies how various languages and dialects came into being and how it impacted the human development
  • Philosophy- It explores the ideas put forward by various Degree in humanities | Make your career in humanities |Philosophers
  • Anthropology – It is the study of Human history from various related topics.
  • History- History, in context with the themes which humanities explore (Cultures, religion, business, philosophy etc…)
  • Arts – It goes into the growth of various art forms such as music, painting, theatre arts, literature etc…
  • Religion and culture- How various religions and religious ideas came into being and how it mingled or changed with the already existing ones.
  • Classics- It Studies ancient world and civilisations- their languages, history, culture etc…


Humanities is not a monotonous field of study and thus the career options are immense. It Enhances overall intelligence and knowledge of a person. As per a research, approximately 60% of UK’s leaders picked humanities as a career option, It translates into the credibility of Humanities as not just an appreciable career but also way to lead.

The usual options that humanities graduates follow are:
  • Politics

    It includes all the activities associated with the governing a country or area, People with different ideologies try to convince the public to join their cause and choose them as their representatives.

  • Law

    It deals with the study of constitutional rules and regulations. It also includes practising law as an attorney, lawyer, barrister or legal advisor for an organisation.

  • Teaching

    We all are aware of what teaching is; It is a profession where an authorised person with knowledge of a particular subject teaches it to the students who are aspiring to learn.

  • Literature

    It includes written material in the art form with a high level of language, philosophy as well as ideas. Here you will study great pieces of literature and develop an intellectual mindset.

  • Economics

    It deals with the study of all economic activities done in an economy. The subject is divided into Micro and Macro sections. Furthermore, It also deals with managing the economic activities of the area and creation of the budget.

  • Social work

    It includes Community service. It is not exactly a profession but in today’s time, a lot of NGOs and civil societies dedicatedly work toward’s betterment of the mankind.

  • Journalism

    It includes writing for newspapers, websites or magazines or preparation of news for broadcasting; It does this by using various modes of mass communication such as news channels or tabloids.

  • Business Management

    This field deals with managing a business through sound decision-making and leadership skills.making budgets, managing business operations, overlooking the overall business activities of an organisation etc

  • Advisory and Counselling

    This deals with the intellectual part of Humanities in which you’ll use your high knowledge to advise people regarding business, the career as well as about the other bigger and more important decisions of life.

  • Philosophy

    This is the filtering of everything humanities teaches us, Deep thought and creation of your own psyche based on wide knowledge you get by reading literature as well as studying history.


  1. St. Stephen’s College, Delhi
  2. Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi
  3. Loyola College, Chennai
  4. Christ University (Dept of Arts), Bengaluru
  5. Hindu College, Delhi
A person after graduating from humanities is able to develop a high analytical thought process which enhances his intellect which coupled with the vast knowledge about human’s social history can create an outstanding career. It lets you understand humanity as a whole and expands your paradigm of thinking and evaluation, Therefore help in creating the best kind of human in you.

Degree in humanities | Make your career in humanities |