Depression | Mental illness

Suffering from Depression | Mental Illness | symptoms which lead to depression | symptoms of depression

Common symptoms which lead to depression or mental Illness

Are you suffering from Depression? Do you frequently search the symptoms of depression? Mental disorders, mostly depression and mental illness are capturing the youths and turning their way around. But from where is the issue emerging from? Are the issues related to Depression just some mere myth or an actual tangible reality?

In this blog, We’ll try and study about various aspects of depression. The encompassing factors around the topic, The causes, the effects and how can a person suffering this can get a cure. If you also feel low and distracted from work. But for that, you’ll need to get rid of various blockheads in your mind. Firstly, just know that mental illness doesn’t mean insanity. Many people do not approach psychiatrist because they think that they will be considered insane or mentally unstable. This is very wrong and can further make the problem worse.

It is very eminent to realise that a visit to a psychiatrist is like just another visit to a doctor. Secondly, you should realise that a failure or shortcoming in exams doesn’t mean that it is an end of the world for you. Read about the success stories of various scientists or entrepreneurs have become successful even while having very bad performance in education. Without much talk, let’s move towards the main topic.

Common symptoms which lead to depression are-
Suffering from Depression | Mental Illness | symptoms which lead to depression | symptoms of depression
  1. Lack of Self- Confidence– When someone doesn’t have self-confidence they have a fear which ultimately leads to stress and depression.
  2. Feeling of failure– It’s the feeling before your boards or final examinations when you have not studied up to the mark then you go down morally.
  3. Parents Pressure– It’s the 3 tier cycle of student, teacher and parents which give the most limited and calculated feeling of being restricted, then certainly students feel the depression.
  4. Social Status – It’s the feeling of comparison when your parents do it with their neighbour’s son. This comparison leads to depression.
  5. Lack of social life– When you have very less number of friends with whom you can share your feelings, then absolutely you are getting depressed.
  6. Poor Academics– Getting low score every time can be an easy call for depression.
How should you overcome?

You need to reach out to different people, jump out of your bed, have some workout sessions, travel as much as you can, so here are the tips-

  1. Open Up– One should reach out to as many people as they can. It can be sharing of ideas so that stress hormone can slow down and one can feel confident all day long.Suffering from Depression | Mental Illness | symptoms which lead to depression | symptoms of depression
  2. Workouts– They are the best anti-depressing tablets and will be all life. Exercises release stress hormone very quickly. The best exercise would be walking, running, weight training, swimming.
  3. Do something which you love– Things which you love obviously will make you happy after doing it.
  4. Healthy diet– If you switch to healthy diet then you are crossing the bridge from depression state to healthy state with a strong mental ability to beat the world which will give you enough motivation to fight depression.
  5. You should work hard in a smart way so that you do not suffer in a big way during exams.
  6. Parent’s Role– A key factor to fight the depression is parents. Parents should understand their kid’s mental capability and to not judge them by their score, at least not to compare with any other child. All students have different mental abilities, strength. Each student has different interests, different knowledge and a different vision for exploring the same world.

Now when you clearly know what exactly is depression, and you also know how you can win the fight against it. So if you want a proper and long-term care out of it, become an optimist and focus on the positives. Remember, happenstances occur in lives but they should not happen to have a long term effect on you.

Depression seriously affects a huge number of students as the era of digital life and social media easily paves a way to constant competition and judgmental behaviour. Many students take such stuff very seriously and unnecessarily invite depression. Parents, Teachers and most importantly students themselves; need to realise that the social media is a virtual world far from the reality and thus; unworthy of major attention. There is a huge and much more important real world to interact with, explore and win! Motivate yourself and succeed!

Suffering from Depression | Mental Illness | symptoms which lead to depression | symptoms of depression