How to get admission in MBA colleges in India | What is MBA?

How to get admission in MBA colleges in India | What is MBA

How to get admission in MBA colleges in India | What is MBA?

How to get admission in MBA colleges in India and what is MBA?. Get help from our experts and take admission in top MBA colleges of India.

MBA? Sounds familiar? What’s up with the MBA hype? We hear about MBA from our parents and peers all the time to the extent that it some how manages to pop up in our conversations every day. So, is MBA just a trend which will sooner or later fade away? Is there any real value in pursuing MBA? Let’s explore!

What is MBA?

A Master of Business Administration popularly known as MBA is a postgraduate degree that covers a wide range of business fields such as marketing, accounting, supply chain, and management. However, its scope is not limited strictly to the business world.

MBA may help you to impart a strong theoretical foundation in business concepts, build both hard and soft-skills in the areas of management and leadership, and polish a range of soft-skills like communication, motivation, and negotiation. It also allows students to start an independent business after graduating. The average duration of full-time/on-campus MBA programs can range from 1 to 2 years.

The core syllabus of MBA covers the following core subjects:

Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management (HR), Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, Marketing, and Information Technology.

What is the eligibility to get admission in MBA program?

The following are the criteria for securing an admission into an MBA program:

a) A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

b) Some institutions have their own entrance exam.

c) Some universities take into consideration the overall academic performance of a candidate.

d) There are few competitive exams like CAT, MAT, CMAT, XAT, which can give you an opportunity to get admission to top management institutes in India such as the IIMs, XLRI, SP Jain, MDI, FMS etc.

e) Remember entry requirements for universities may vary at times so make sure you visit/contact the University to learn more about their admission requirements.

Apart from the full-time courses, many universities offer distance learning courses, it requires candidates to be a graduate from any recognized university.

Why choose MBA?

Deciding to opt for an MBA is a big step in anyone’s life as it could be a major financial as well as time commitment. People may choose to pursue an MBA with the goal of improving their career and especially their earning potential. An MBA graduate comparatively gets a higher package than a person with any other master’s degree. Apart from a fat pay package, one may choose to opt for an MBA for the following reasons:

How to get admission in MBA colleges in India | What is MBA

a) Various Career opportunities

An MBA education is usually pursued by fresh graduates and young professionals with a minimum of two years of work experience and even by senior employees. It has been seen that almost 70% of MBA graduates are currently working in reputed companies in managerial positions. Such a position not only brings a fat salary but also more responsibilities. The MBA course helps in opening up new dimensions and one can also make an easy transition into or out of any sector in the commercial world.

b) Access to a large business network

As an MBA student, you will get great networking opportunities.

You will get to know and interact with your colleagues, professors, and teaching staff which will help you hone your business management capabilities. In today’s world, networking is the key to success. It’s not about what you know anymore; it’s about who you know and what can you do with it.

You also gain access to the extensive alumni network of that particular MBA program. You can easily get in touch with them through Linkedin, Facebook and several other networking and career events where you have a good chance to meet potential employers.

c) Development of skills

Management has gained the number one spot in most of the functionalities and operations in today’s industries and organizations. Good communication skill is considered to be an important aspect of power management. Despite the fact that effective communication has an essential role to play in their careers; many students fail to get a grip of it which is why MBA is the most suitable time to hone and explore your skills, broaden your cultural and intellectual horizon, and your business career prospects as well. You can find and learn about the companies you want to work for after graduation and who knows ?! You may start your own business.

How to get admission in MBA colleges in India | What is MBA