importance of career counseling


Need for Career Counselling

Career counselling is a very well known topic and the importance of career counselling is a topic of think beyond thoughts, yet by hearing the word “counselling” many people tend to make a negative image of it. Some people feel that counselling is a session of getting roasted. Despite these misguided points of views about it, You need to know that a small advice from a person with vast knowledge of careers, jobs, colleges, and opportunities can change your life for good.

So what is career counselling?

It is an advisory session with a person who is a huge pool of knowledge related to career and education. He/She will read your behaviour, listen to your queries, make you aware of various fields of career etc…

Now let’s decipher about the role they play in your success in life or career:

The first thing a career counsellor would do is to make you aware of many career fields that are interrelated with your interests.

Provide alternatives

Many times due to ignorance and lack of introspection, we take wrong the decision regarding career, a career counsellor will read your psyche and let you know about careers corresponding with your interests.


The main purpose for which we seek career counselling is to free the stress that is haunting your mind, being the psychologist as well, the career counsellor can free you of doubts about yourself and your future.


Even if we know about which career or course we have to choose; Mostly we don’t know about subjects and fields of knowledge the course will explore; This information will also be provided by the Counsellor.

Overall what they will do is open up your mind about things you weren’t aware of or weren’t thinking about. Just remember that you will never be interrogated! That is the psychological aspect of Career counselling. It is not to demotivate you, realistically speaking; you might face some hard questions through the session, but the aim is to pave way for success and confidence. It’s about enlightening about what you could do, what you could achieve!