Why MBA courses are better than Master degree

MBA and Master's

MBA or Master’s ?

The best among MBA and Master’s

Ever wondered why people study so hard to get into a top MBA college and why MBAs’ get better job as compared to the one pursue Master’s?, Even after MBA and Master’s both being a post graduation degrees; what makes them different?

You must have seen people doing MBA even after their post graduation degree say MA or Msc. etc, so you must have thought why MBA is given so much of importance and the answer to this is- because MBA helps you to get a good job and wage.

Although MBA and Master’s both have their own importance and both of them are good in their own way but there are few points which makes MBA  a better option when compared to Master’s; what are they let’s have a look-


First of all, getting into an MBA college is bit tricky than getting into a college for pursuing Master’s degree because you can get any college for master’s through the college’s individual entrance exam but for getting admission in MBA courses one needs to clear several entrance exams in order to get into a good college.

Tuition fees difference-

Usually the course fee for MBA is pretty higher than that of  for any Master degree programs.

You check in any college or university the fees would always be higher for MBA than Master’s because the course structure of MBA is way different and include many professional and industrial curriculum which Master’s course doesn’t have.

3.Course structure-

Among MBA and Master’s degree; MBA has a very different course structure because MBA targets more on professional training rather than just academics unlike Master degree programs and it focuses on preparing students in such a way that they can easily fit into the industrial environment.

Mba includes more of a practical knowledge in a sense that they provide more close industrial picture to the students which help them while they go for the real jobs

4. Industry exposure-  

The colleges/universities believes that in order to prepare their student for the industry they (the students) should get a close experience of the industry and therefore they provide students a close industrial experience.

Now if we talk about master programs then they too give industrial exposure but as mentioned above they focus more on academics rather than the industry directly.

5. Placements-

Since, MBA is a job oriented course so many companies prefer MBAs’ rather than Masters’ because they have an idea about how the industry works as well as how to work in an industry because that is what they have been taught in their entire program.

But it doesn’t mean that people pursuing MA do not get a good job but we can take it this way that the wages may differ.

6.Which one should you choose?

Now that you are clear with both the things and know all the reasons why MBA is a best option than Master, so the question arises is what is better for you as an individual and which one you shall go for as per your needs and interest.

MBA and Master's

My opinion would be

if you want to go in academics than you must choose Master’s degree as it gives you a very deep and thorough knowledge of the subject which is very necessary when you are opting teaching line but if you want to be in corporate than pursuing MBA programs would be suggested because again it will give you a better understanding of the corporate world.

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